Shared Housing Projects

Mavam Supported Housing provides accommodation and support in a shared environment. All have private bedrooms with a communal living space, kitchen and bathroom (some have en-suite facilities). Furniture and equipment are provided. All locations are near community facilities and amenities with good inks to public transport.

All Projects

Social groups and activities are regularly provided along with making full use of the local community.

All projects are staffed 24/7 with facilities for staff to sleep on site.

All Staff are fully trained and experienced and have access to senior members of staff on-call out of hours.

All projects are CCTV monitored 24/7.

Ipswich Project A

Ipswich Project B

Ipswich Project C

Ipswich Project D

Ipswich Project E

Stowmarket Project A

Sudbury Project A

Lowestoft Project A